Lark Angels Foundation’s philosophy is to know every person deserves the best life possible and to offer this through Sensory Stimulation. Keeping an open mind to understand every person is different, and how some may respond to touch, others to light, sounds or scents.

Sensory Stimulation opens many cognitive doors and some people, who have not engaged in anything over the years, will now experience utter delight in these slightly magical rooms. Touching items, smelling scents, watching movements, and responding with smiles of delight.

There are many written experiences of Sensory Stimulation Rooms, especially with the use of the ‘Rover’ as it can be brought to a person’s bed and moved around the home with ease.

Our dream at Lark Angels Foundation is to offer this room to any and all residents of the community as a safe place to feel secure, comfortable, and engaged, allowing a person to experience new things.

With the help of yourself and other dedicated professional people, we hope to have the first complete sensory home in Surrey, BC. Moving forward, Lark Angels Foundation hopes to be of help to others in building Sensory Stimulation Rooms or wards.

Lark Angels Foundation is non-profit and dedicated to helping people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Directors, Lark Angels Foundation

Linda Fernholm
Patrick Doyle
Janet Isherwood


Dementia leaves many seniors lacking in meaningful interaction, as their mental capacity diminishes. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Get in touch today to volunteer your time or donate to support our cause.