Warm Hellos to Friends, Families, Business Associates and Supporters.

The Lark Angels Foundation is presenting our 5th Anniversary 2021 Black Tie Gala online this year, with Pulse FM 107.7 generously promoting our event, and we are so glad you have chosen to join us.

Please enjoy our Gala Speakers’ video presentations below, in which they will help you understand the benefits of sensory stimulation for dementia and brain injury patients, and the goals of the Lark Angels Foundation.

We are asking for your support during this challenging time.

Please Give Generously!

On September 24, our team and special guests we will be at HealthTech Connex, with Pulse FM 107.7 broadcasting as we celebrate our 5th Anniversary and show our guests our first sensory stimulation environment.  We hope you will listen to Pulse FM 107.7 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm to hear our guests talk about why the work of the Lark Angels Foundation is so valuable.  And we hope that you will give generously to support our efforts to build our next Sensory Stimulation Room at the Legion Veterans Village in Surrey, where it will benefit Seniors, First Responders, Veterans, and others who are living with dementia, brain injury, PTSD, and other cognitive disorders.


Note:  Video pre-recorded in 2020

Sensory Stimulation opens many cognitive doors.  Our dream at Lark Angels Foundation is to offer this room to any and all residents of the community as a safe place to feel secure, comfortable, and engaged, allowing a person to experience new things.

We have also partnered with the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic, where a Sensory Stimulation Room installation is planned, and we help brain injury patients finance PONS therapy at the clinic, which can help patients regain their balance and ability to walk.

With the help of yourself and other dedicated professional people, we hope to have the first complete sensory home in Surrey, BC. Moving forward, Lark Angels Foundation hopes to be of help to others in building Sensory Stimulation Rooms or wards.

Thank you for your time and contributions.

Note:  Video pre-recorded in 2020

Welcome to the World of Multi-Sensory Environments

A Multi-sensory room is ideal for seniors with dementia. It can impact the spirit & the potential for seniors who pass through it, it can change behaviour & soothe the stress of everyday life.
Multi-sensory equipment provides stimulation & relaxation at the same time to enable seniors with challenging behaviours to self regulate and learn to modulate their own behaviours.

Sensory Environment

Thank You to Pulse FM 107.7 for their generous promotion of our cause and our
5th Anniversary Fundraiser

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Dementia leaves many seniors lacking in meaningful interaction, as their mental capacity diminishes. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Get in touch today to volunteer your time or donate to support our cause.